Meta Learning Simulation

Here, I experimented with the branch of machine and deep learning called 'meta-learning'. This is what is known as 'learning from learning', or using a machine learning agent to learn from the results of another machine learning agent. Here, I simulated the Cartpole OpenGym environment using a neural network, and learned from the results of those simulations using a Q-Learning agent. The second agent would control the hyperparameters of the first agent, from what it learns. Also provided is a link to the Google Colab document that contains all the code.

Increasinly Verbose Android App

This app was somewhere in between a passion project, and a final project for a class. I had always wanted to make this app for fun, and found the perfect opportunity to do so in a university course. It is based off the subreddit called r/IncreasinglyVerbose. The idea is that you type in some text, and it will generate a much more verbose way to say the same phrase. It was a lot of fun! Take a look at the video to see the demonstration.

The Birthday Paradox Simulation

This project was focused on simulating the famous Birthday Paradox, in the Julia language. This paradox is very interesting to study, and I was able to prove it's truth in my own simulations. Watch the video to learn about the paradox and see the results of my simulation. I have also provided a link below to the repository which houses the code for my simulation.